United 3D Labs, commissioned by IQ Marketing agency, has created and installed an electronic navigation system at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow (MAMM) for mobile operator Beeline.

VimpelCom PJSC (brand "Beeline") and the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow are recognized leaders in their fields, so it is not surprising that Beeline is a strategic partner of MAMM. The partnership aims to expand the joint implementation of social projects, art events and exhibitions. 

The main tasks of the navigation system we have created are: 

  • to enable the employees of MAMM to quickly and easily change the titles of the exhibitions; 

  • to provide visitors with a simple and clear navigation through the Museum halls;

  • to highlight the partnership of Beeline and MAMM. 

In doing so, this navigation system is created for the Museum of Modern Art, which means that it should also match the environment and be almost an art object itself. 

The architectural layout of the MAMM is that all the halls of the seven-story museum building are united by the main staircase. Therefore, as a multimedia solution, we have chosen to use projectors mounted in the ceiling, which illuminate the floor in front of the stairs. This way, when the visitors of the museum walk up the stairs, they immediately see what kind of exhibition is demonstrated on this floor, as well as what exhibitions are held on the floor above and below. Two projectors illuminate the lower parts of the staircases and inform about all the current showcases held in the Museum. They also indicate the time of the next session and the name of the film shown in the MAMM cinema. 

The main element of the system’s equipment is Casio Green Slim laser LED projectors, which provide the necessary brightness of the image; they also have an operational life of 20,000 hours and the required resolution of 1280x800. In addition, these projectors are quite small-sized, which is a significant feature taking into account the fact that ceilings of the museum stairwells are low. Together with Android MiniStick, which controls the projectors, we delivered an extremely compact solution weighing less than 4 kg for each installation point in the Museum. 

Taking into account the fact that the system was delivered for an art museum, the specialists of United 3D Labs used 3D mapping technology to project the navigation. When visitors of the museum walk up the stairs and look at the navigation map, they get the impression that the images have volume. 

The system is a full-fledged Digital Signage solution and is built on the basis of a remote server that manages all the equipment in the Museum via a secure connection via the Internet. Museum staff can easily change the names of the exhibitions just by visiting a secure web-page and make any changes there. Moreover, the schedule of expositions and films can be made for any period in advance. You just need to specify the dates of exhibitions for this, and the system will change the chosen features in the indicated time. The access is obtained with input a login/password unique for each employee. The system keeps the log of all action: in case of any sort of a mismatch, it is easy to understand who caused it. Also, there is a continuous monitoring of the condition of the equipment of each installation point, in case of any errors it makes a warning signal.

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