The "City Panorama" Museum in Kazan exquisitely combines multimedia installations and traditional exhibits. For example, here you can find large-scale models of the city of XVI and XVIII centuries side by side with the installation for interactive kiosks, developed by United 3D Labs, that can tell you about the history of the city.

The installation for touch screen kiosks contains a lot of useful information about the history of the Kazan city in XVI and XVIII centuries. For example, visitors can learn some interesting facts about written sources that have come down to us, historical topography, some studies on the medieval city. In addition, you can find out more about town planning, monuments, mausoleums and fortifications. A significant part of the sections is devoted to the life of the city population: its composition, economic activities, trade, agriculture. 

Interactive narration on the history of the city consists of vivid descriptions of interesting events, including those that had a huge impact on the city at the time of Peter I, Catherine II, Paul I and Yemelyan Pugachev. 

All the information is available in four languages: Tatar, Russian, English and Chinese. Try and see for yourself what a significant role the city played in the historical processes that took place in the Russian Empire many years ago.

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