The very first festival of the Russian Geographical Society was opened in Moscow on October 31. Numerous thematic exhibitions devoted to the nature of Russia and the culture of its peoples were hosted in the Central House of Artist within the festival until November 6. The event was opened by Sergey Shoygu, the President of the Society and Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. As expected it attracted a huge number of guests both experts in the field of geography and ordinary visitors.

United 3D Labs, commissioned by the company SCG, has created an interactive map installation that marked all the branches of the Russian Geographical Society in Russia. The installation was located at the entrance to the exhibition hall and combined a multi-touch kiosk and a huge video wall that reproduced the map itself.

If you have a look at the screen of eKiosk, you will see the rotating globe with highlighted borders of the regions of Russia. Guests of the Festival could choose any region right on the globe or find it in the drop-down alphabetical list, and selected area was immediately highlighted on the video wall with a bright color in addition to picturesque photos of local nature and main attractions of the area.

Visitors could learn basic information about the features of the area, its population and national composition, as well as details about the branch of the Russian geographical society and its activities in the region. One could easily zoom in and out his or her favorite photo by just a movement of fingers.

3D installation developed by United 3D Labs was a great prelude to the main exhibition as it serves the first acquaintance of visitors with the Russian Geographical Society and the introduction not only to its history and activities, but also to the rich nature of our country.

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