This year the Russian Geographical Society for the first time held its own large-scale festival. For a whole week, the Central House of Artists in Moscow turned into a huge geographical map, which presented a variety of exhibits, interactive installations, films and other things dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of all regions of our vast country.

United 3D Labs, commissioned by SCG, has developed a multimedia project for one of the Festival exhibitions. Guests of the event had the opportunity to take part in a quiz called “Do you know Russia well?". The installation was presented on an interactive kiosk with a large display connected to it. The point of the promotion game is simple: an illustration is shown on the touch screen, it is accompanied by a question with two answers. The player(s) had to choose whether the object shown on the display (for example, city, landmark, landscape) was situated in Russia or in some other country.

The promo game consisted of 20 non-trivial questions. The correct option was displayed immediately after the answer was chosen; and the player could also find out the name of the object, its exact location (for example, the city of Lindau in Germany or Lena Pillars in Yakutia).

Many guests of the Festival actively participated in the quiz: both children and adults enthusiastically approached the interactive kiosk and answered the questions. But the viewers were also actively involved: they made their predictions, arranged debates whether the answer was correct or simply enjoyed the colorful illustrations.

The multimedia project, developed by the United 3D Labs, was not only an entertainment with modern interactive technology and photographs of nature and architecture from different parts of the world but also an educational project. Thanks to it, all the guests could learn interesting and sometimes even surprising facts about Russia and other countries.

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